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How Important Are Cleanings?

Do I really need to see my dentist every 6 months?  My teeth are pretty clean and my cleaning only lasts about 20 minutes.

A smiling woman shows how proper dental hygiene can keep your smile looking great.



Originally, it was recommended to have a 6 month exam.  When we started to understand gum disease, we incorporated cleanings into this exam.  Years ago, it was understood that people will eventually lose their teeth to gum disease.  Now, with our strong programs to combat gum disease, people are living longer with more teeth.  If you only need 20 minutes for a cleaning, I commend you.  However, most people need more time.  Gum disease is a slow, progressive, and destructive disease that is often painless.  Not only does visiting the dentist every 6 months prevent this, it also allows us to find cavities, worn fillings and/ or fractures that appear in the teeth.  We can fix these problems before they become a major problem (PAIN).

So visiting the dentist every 6 months allows you to be in control of an emergency, before the emergency controls you.

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