Sleep Apnea

A better night’s sleep starts today.

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Sleeping Better
Can Finally Be a Reality

Do you snore? Do you have sleep apnea? If these leave you (and your partner) tired in the morning, a consultation with at Lakota Dental may be what you need.

Sleep apnea means your body isn’t getting the oxygen it needs during sleep from periodical pauses in your breathing. Aside from the disruptive sleep pattern causing chronic daytime fatigue, it’s a potentially life-threatening condition. 

Dr. Mike has treated adults and children in Shorewood, IL for sleep apnea using his years of experience and training. Restore your sleep, improve overall health, and reduce your risk of death from sleep apnea today.

A side lying lady is sleeping soundly

Don't Lose Another
Moment of Sleep

Many people who suffer from TMJ also suffer from sleep apnea and vice-versa – often unknowingly. They can actually develop and reinforce one another.

Here’s an example: Mouth breathing during sleep results in your jaw shifting and contributes to a narrowing of the airway. Conversely, your brain opens the airway by clenching jaw muscles to help stabilize and open your airway. 

It’s essential to stop your chronic fatigue and reduce the stress and tension on your jaw joint from these two conditions. That’s where Dr. Mike’s expertise comes in! 

Don’t let another restful night’s sleep pass you by. Start getting the quality sleep you need tonight to experience a better day – and mood – tomorrow.

A side lying lady is sleeping soundly
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