Metal-Free Fillings

Keep your mouth healthy with no metal in sight.

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Issue-Free Fillings at
Lakota Dental

Your peace of mind is always important to Dr. Mike when he performs dentistry. For him, it was an easy choice to only offer metal-free fillings, while most Shorewood dentists offer mercury fillings. 

Tooth-colored fillings provide less drilling for a durable, lasting solution without affecting your appearance. The results look and feel natural, and we match the color to your existing smile.

How does it work? Our metal-free option bonds to your teeth instead of sitting inside the tooth (which may lead to the possibility of tooth breakage). Modern fillings mean your tooth is actually stronger, and no one will notice the dental work. 

While amalgam (metal) fillings have some potential issues associated with them, Dr. Mike’s utmost priority is your health and safety. Turn to our Shorewood, IL restorative dentist for comfortable and reliable cavity treatments for the whole family.

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Fall in Love with Your Smile Again

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Whether you come in for a regular exam or contact us with unexpected tooth pain, we’ll check your teeth for cavities or old fillings in need of repair. Any metal restorations you’ve had in the past may or may not need to be replaced.

We perform an in-depth exam as well as guide you with an intra-oral camera. Dr. Mike examines all previous fillings and decides on a plan of action for those teeth. If they’re okay, he’ll let you decide whether you’d like to keep them. On the other hand, if they’re failing, Dr. Mike will discuss the most appropriate solution.

Overall, metal-free fillings are a better option for your mouth, which is why Dr. Mike only offers these at our practice. They’re strong, durable, and leave teeth with a natural-looking appearance. 

Integrity and trust are critical to building long-lasting doctor-patient relationships, which is why Dr. Mike looks for the most innovative ways to treat patients like you. You’re in good hands at Lakota Dental.

A lady with big curly hair and wearing a white top puts a laughing smile