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What is the best option for cosmetic work on my front teeth?

I would like to have some cosmetic work done on my front teeth, but don’t want to ruin any good teeth.  What are the best options?

There are multiple ways to get that smile that makes you look and feel better about yourself.  If the only concern you have is color, than bleaching will make your teeth whiter.  If simple bleaching doesn’t give you the results you’re looking to achieve, resin or porcelain will.  This may be at the heart of your question.   If you’re looking to close gaps, straighten crowded teeth, lengthen teeth, or have permanent whiter teeth, resin or porcelain veneers is the best options.  As teeth get older the structure and strength of the teeth change.  This is why bleaching is more effective for younger people than older. When done correctly, bonded resin and/or porcelain veneers make the teeth STRONGER, especially on teeth that have older, existing fillings.  Sometimes those “good” teeth may not be as good as you think.  In fact, I take digital photos of people’s own teeth to show the exact condition of their teeth.  I find this better for my patients to fully understand what I’m seeing.  Now this is different than doing full crowns on teeth.  That DOES risk the removal of good tooth structure and may not look as good cosmetically if any metal is used under the crowns.  If you’re not sure what’s best, ask the dentist to show some of their own before and after cases that are similar to yours.  This may put your mind at ease and let you make a better decision for yourself.

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