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Is There A Better Option Than Temporary Crowns?

one visit crowns

Having a crown procedure done will often include a temporary crown to protect the tooth until the real crown is placed. Unfortunately, the procedure takes multiple visits and can be sensitive during the 2-3 weeks with the temporary. This is necessary so the lab can have time to fabricate the crown.

If this has been a problem for you and/or your time is restricted, you can have a CEREC crown placed. CEREC crowns are all ceramic crowns that the dentist can process and make all in one visit. While you wait, exact design specifications are sent to the on-site milling unit machine which creates your all ceramic crown and is ready to be placed in about 15 minutes. No impressions or models are needed, and there is no need for an off site lab — this translates to one visit and a lot of your time!  Since they are all porcelain, there are never any “black” margins as often seen with conventional porcelain-on-metal crowns.  It’s the closest to a duplication of actual tooth structure ever invented. I’ve been doing these for several years now in Naperville and have done several in my new Shorewood office.  My patients prefer them to the conventional method.

Also, there was a nice write-up in the New York Times about the writer’s personal experience getting a CEREC restoration. How has it changed the patient experience in your practice?


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