Sleep Apnea Treatment

A sleeping man shows how our Naperville Dentistry experts help patient suffering from Sleep Apnea.

A Better Night’s Sleep Can Finally Be a Reality

Dr. Lakota has treated many Naperville sleep apnea patients; sometimes even without even knowing it. This is because many people who suffer from TMJ also suffer from sleep apnea and vice-versa. Sleep apnea is a potentially life-threatening condition where your body does not get a proper amount of oxygen while asleep. It affects many people, often unknowingly, and can take ten years off a person’s life or even risk death if left untreated.

When your body does not get the oxygen it needs during sleep, you may snore or stop breathing altogether. This disruptive sleep causes your body to toss and turn, leaving you tired in the morning and also creating potential sleeping issues for both you and your partner. Dr. Lakota has the training and experience to provide safe, effective treatment of sleep apnea in Naperville and Shorewood, IL. Both adults and children can be treated for this serious problem.

Don’t Lose Another Moment of Sleep from Sleep Apnea

Getting a restful night’s sleep will make everyday life more positive in general. Quality sleep allows you to be more awake and alert throughout the day as well as enhances your overall mood and emotional state. Don’t let another night’s sleep pass you up. Make an appointment with Dr. Lakota today to determine if you’re missing sleep due to sleep apnea.