Metal-Free Fillings

A smiling couple illustrates how our Shorewood Dentists use metal-free fillings to keep your smile looking it's best.

Issue-Free Fillings with Dr. Lakota

Most Naperville and Shorewood dentists offer mercury fillings even though there are potential issues associated with them. Not Dr. Mike Lakota. Patient health is and always has been his utmost priority. Dr. Lakota has yet to do a mercury filling in his office. He decided very early on in his practice that his patient’s peace of mind was most important when performing dentistry.

Having the tooth look natural is just one of the many benefits a metal-free filling offers. Bonded fillings bond to teeth instead of being placed inside the tooth, which may lead to the possibility of tooth breakage.

Fall in Love with Your Smile Again

Dr. Lakota is extremely thorough with every examination. Any metal restorations you’ve had in the past may or may not need to be replaced. Dr. Lakota will personally take an in-depth look, as well as guide you through the exam, using his intra-oral camera. He’ll examine all previous fillings and decide on a plan of action for those teeth. If they’re okay, he’ll let you decide whether you’d like to keep them. If they’re failing, he’ll make a recommendation to replace them.

Expert Naperville and Shorewood dentists like Dr. Lakota know that integrity and trust are critical when it comes to building long-lasting doctor-patient relationships. Dr. Lakota chooses metal-free fillings because they’re strong, durable, and leave teeth with an utterly natural-looking appearance. Overall, metal-free fillings are a better solution for your mouth. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Lakota!