Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays from our Dentist In Shorewood IL can restore your smile in one visit.

Optimal Care for an Exceptional Smile

For same-day, beautiful inlay or onlay dental restorations, visit Dr. Mike Lakota, a highly skilled dentist in Shorewood, IL. Dr. Lakota and team always take extra steps to insure the optimal care of you and your oral health. In-house inlays and onlays restore maximum health and function to a tooth without impacting its integrity or natural appearance.

When a filling takes up more than 50 percent of a tooth, it starts to support the tooth instead of the tooth supporting the filling. This leads to big dental problems. A goal of our practice is to always preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible. A porcelain inlay or onlay is the best way to do this. These bonded restorations are very conservative. They do not remove healthy tooth structure, and are similar to partial crowns but will last just as long as regular crowns.

Long-Lasting Results That You Will Fall in Love With

If you’re looking to replace old fillings or other restorations, an inlay or an onlay will provide the most reliable coverage, while preserving as much tooth structure as possible. Dr. Lakota, your quality dentist in Shorewood, IL, offers the best restorations and service in the area. Dr. Mike Lakota and team takes time to help educate and inform you of the decision that’s right for you. Call our practice to schedule your appointment today!