Crowns and Bridges

A man smiles to illustrate how crowns and bridges from our Dentists in Naperville can restore your smile.

High-Quality Care from Your Shorewood Dentist

As one of the top dentists in Naperville and Shorewood, Dr. Lakota is exceptionally proud of the high-quality crowns and bridges he offers his patients. When a patient has a missing tooth, Dr. Lakota helps guide them on how to best replace it and designs a customized plan for their specific needs. “Choosing between a bridge and a dental implant is a very personal decision,” remarked Dr. Lakota. Because of his extensive training and experience, Dr. Lakota works exclusively with some of the best labs in the country, a luxury available to a select few dentists. These labs produce some of the best porcelain restorations around.

Busy Schedule? We Get It!

Most crown restorations can be completed in just one office visit. Our offices are equipped with a CEREC machine that makes superb same-day porcelain restorations. If a case is particularly complex, molds will be sent to a high-quality lab to create the crown or bridge instead. Dr. Lakota’s top priority is to make every tooth look completely natural. His high quality of work and fine attention to detail are key components to every smile he treats.

As one of the top dentists in Naperville and Shorewood, Dr. Lakota wants nothing but the best crown and bridge restorations for his patients. Years of experience coupled with modern dental technology make sure you’ll always receive the best possible treatment at our practice.

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