Sports and Mouthguards

People playing soccer to illustrate how our Plainfield Dentists use custom mouthguards to help patients protect their smile.

Give Your Smile the Proper Protection it Deserves

It’s essential to be proactive in protecting your teeth. Our Naperville mouthguards help a wide variety of patients protect their smiles. These range from those playing sports to safeguarding natural teeth or restorations from nighttime grinding. For ultimate protection, performance enhancement, and comfort, try our custom made Naperville mouthguards from Dr. Lakota!

Nighttime mouthguards are used for many reasons. Nighttime clenching and grinding can ruin your teeth as well as a current oral restoration. Clenching and grinding can also cause you to repeat past restorations or need additional ones. Custom made nighttime mouthguards offer better overall protection compared to boil-and-bite mouthguards, especially when using neuromuscular principles. Our Naperville mouthguards ensure your jaw is in its ideal position the entire night long.

Keep Your Body Healthy – including Your Teeth

As an athlete, it’s important to avoid accidents as well as improve your skills in every way. Custom sports mouthguards have been proven to boost performance in athletes. This extra edge may be just what you need to take your game to the next level!

Whether you’re seeking a night guard or sports mouthguard, Dr. Lakota will custom design one for you in no time. Contact us today to start protecting your teeth from sports and nighttime catastrophes!