A woman flossing to show the importance of dental hygiene with our Naperville IL Dentist

Your Naperville, IL Dental Hygiene Expert

If you’re seeking restorative dentistry in Naperville, our practice is the place to be. With a strong emphasis on hygiene, preventative care, and patient education, our expertly-trained team takes excellent care of our patients each step of the way. You can count on our top-notch skill and professionalism in addressing all your hygiene and restorative dentistry needs.

At your comprehensive exam, we thoroughly check for gum disease, give a detailed oral exam looking for cracked or chipped teeth, perform an assessment of your jaw/bite, and check for oral cancer. Dr. Lakota discusses all problematic findings, both now and those foreseeable for the future, via an ultra-accurate, intra-oral camera. The camera shows specifically what he’s describing so both you and Dr. Lakota can make the best decisions regarding your oral care treatment.

Keeping Your Smile Happy & Healthy

Upon exam completion, Dr. Lakota and team will happily answer any questions you have, describe all treatment options in detail, and guide you on the best at-home techniques for maintaining optimal oral health and hygiene.

Studies have shown oral problems can lead to more worrisome conditions such as heart disease and even cancer, so staying on top of your oral health is more important today than ever before. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lakota today, your true expert in dental hygiene and restorative dentistry in Naperville and Shorewood!