Childrens Dentistry

Smiling kids illustrate Dr. Lakota's focus on Family Dental care in his Shoreline practice.

The Best Shorewood Family Dental Care

We love children and children love us! In fact, as a leader in Naperville and Shorewood family dental care, we’re confident your child will look forward to their visits with us. How? From games and toys to cartoons and a friendly demeanor, Dr. Lakota and team do everything possible to ensure children have a positive, pleasant experience in our practice. This, in turn, sets the stage for great life-long oral health.

Many parents are concerned about finding quality Shorewood family dental care, but your search can stop here! Dr. Lakota recommends bringing your child in for their first visit around age two-and-a-half. If your child feels comfortable enough on their first visit, Dr. Lakota will even perform a gentle, yet thorough and comprehensive exam. However, we don’t mind breaking the appointment into one or two visits if the child feels a little hesitant. For older children, Dr. Lakota addresses their bite and thoroughly checks airways to see if there are any issues, which are essential to address now as catching them early may prevent future problems like sleep apnea and TMJ.

Care That Parents Can Trust

Parents can put their trust in the hands of our team — we’re specially-trained to treat children, and our practice has many perks for patients of all ages. Schedule an appointment today and experience high-quality Naperville and Shorewood family dental care with Dr. Mike Lakota!