Smile Design

A smiling woman illustrates how our Cosmetic Dentistry experts in Naperville use smile design to transform your smile.

Ready for the Smile of Your Dreams?

If you’ve been looking for a great dentist to perform your smile makeover in Shorewood or Naperville, look no further than Dr. Mike Lakota! Our caring team is here to assist and guide you through your life-transforming experience.

Your smile plays a big role in first impressions. In fact, your smile is the number one trait people notice over hair, eyes, nose, etc. Our smile design process will create the Hollywood smile of your dreams, allowing you to smile with confidence and making your flawed or troubled smile a care of the past.

Our caring team will show you photos of similar cases and ask you to bring photos that show what kind of smile you desire. We will address your smile through a series of initial treatments including teeth whitening or bonding, before taking larger steps like veneers and orthodontic procedures.

We Love Watching Our Patients Fall in Love with Their Smile

We are dental professionals but first and foremost, are real people too. We truly love watching our patients bloom as a direct result of their smile transformations. Seeing our clients become emotionally fulfilled and happy is one of the best things we get to witness at our dental practice.

Our top goal is to make your smile fit you–both inside and out. With years of experience, we know we provide the best smile makeovers in Shorewood and Naperville.

Your new smile is just around the corner. Contact us today!