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Mercury Fillings

Mercury Fillings can be replace with metal-free fillings to give your smile a natural look.I just read in a “Parents” magazine that the mercury fillings can be harmful to a pregnant mother’s baby.  Though it is well known that mercury is bad, I thought that it was safe in the fillings.

As the result of a lawsuit, the Food and Drug Administration has agreed to warn consumers that metal fillings, which contain mercury, pose risks to children, fetuses and people who are sensitive to the chemical.  Various groups have contended for years that there is no science proving mercury fillings are unsafe, but are now admitting some of those studies are valid. The FDA does not advocate the removal of the fillings for health reasons, however, I have had many patients who claim that various ailments subside once the mercury fillings were removed. Some of their ailments include:  sinus issues, headaches, and fatigue.  Although there is no science behind this, these patients believe it.  In fact, early this year, Sweden and Norway banned the use of mercury fillings.  Though the insurance companies stand behind mercury fillings (most likely because they are cheaper), they are NOT the best material to restore a tooth.  In fact, the mercury fillings are “wedged” into the tooth and cause the majority of the fractures and new cavities because of the stress they induce.  You have a right to have the best option offered to you.  My advice is to ask your dentist for ALL of your options, regardless of insurance.

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