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A Perfect Day in Naperville

Dr. Lakota Mobile

When we think of our community, Dr. Mike Lakota tends to think about his favorite places in Naperville. He decided that to create the “perfect day in Naperville” would be a good way to share those with you.

“For me, if I was going to create a perfect day in Naperville, it would start with breakfast Egg Harbor Cafe. I can’t think of any place on earth that serves a better breakfast. Whether you are looking for a classic like biscuits and gravy, or some healthier but still delicious options, or you need a gluten free option, they have you covered! Perfect weekend fuel up stop before heading out for your day.

My next stop with my family would then be the Naperville River Walk. Lots of beautiful scenery to enjoy, great trail for some exercise, and plenty of local animals for the kids (and parents) to see. There is also a very picturesque bridge that is perfect for a family selfie!

After spending a fun morning and afternoon with the kids, grab a baby sitter and head to a romantic dinner! Francesca’s Passaggio in South Naperville is the perfect place for a date night. With a great menu and full wine list as well as beautiful ambience, this hits all the high notes of a perfect evening.”

I hope you enjoyed some of the highlights that I enjoy in our beautiful Naperville community. Did I miss some of yours? Please share in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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