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Offering a Wide Array of Solutions for Damaged or Missing Teeth

Damaged or missing teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile, and that’s reason enough to seek tooth repairs that will let you show the world your pearly whites again. But even if your damaged or missing tooth isn’t conspicuous to others, it’s a good idea to look into restorative dentistry options to address it. A broken or cracked tooth provides a convenient pathway for bacteria to invade gum tissue and cause a host of problems, while a missing tooth invites adjacent teeth to shift to fill the gap, which typically leads to alignment issues.

Lakota Dental is a family dental clinic that takes pride in offering a variety of restorative dentistry services to children and adults in the Shorewood, Illinois, area. These services include:
• Dentures and implant-supported dentures
• Full-mouth rehabilitation
• Dental implants
Crowns and bridges
• Metal-free fillings
• Inlays and onlays
• Tooth extractions
• Neuromuscular dentistry
• Treatment for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder
• Sleep apnea treatment


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Why We’re Your Best Choice for Dental Restorations

Lakota Dental takes pride in offering the ideal combination of professional expertise, in-house technology, and compassionate dental care. Dr. Mike Lakota has been practicing dentistry for over 25 years, and he also has over 500 hours of continuing education under his belt. This allows him to stay up to date on the latest restorative dentistry techniques—techniques that save our patients time and make the customization process more comfortable. For example, we use intraoral cameras to generate 3D digital scans, which take the place of the messy putty impressions that many other dentists.

We also offer same-day crowns and bridges using our sophisticated in-house milling equipment.

Do you have questions about the restorative dentistry services available at Lakota Dental in Shorewood? Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff today.

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