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Don’t Skip Regular Teeth Cleanings Because You Brush and Floss at Home

If you’re one of those people who faithfully brush their teeth twice daily, don’t skimp on the minimum two minutes required each time, and floss at least once a day, congratulations! You’re being proactive in your quest to maintain good oral health.

But it’s not enough. Teeth cleaning routines at home must be supplemented by professional dental cleanings once or twice a year if you want to do all you can to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. If you’re looking for a family dental clinic near Romeoville, Illinois, that offers expert teeth cleaning services while prioritizing patient care, consider booking an appointment at Lakota Dental. We offer both routine prophylaxis dental cleanings and deep teeth cleanings.

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What Type of Teeth Cleaning Do You Need?

When you visit Lakota Dental, our team of highly qualified dental professionals will conduct an oral exam to determine what type of tooth cleaning is right for you. This exam will include screening for signs of disease—one of the many benefits of getting periodic professional cleanings instead of relying solely on your at-home oral hygiene.

If you’re like most people, you’ll receive a routine prophylaxis treatment, which:

  • Focuses on your teeth at and above the gumline
  • Involves a more thorough removal of plaque and tartar buildup than you can do for yourself
  • Includes tooth polishing to remove stains and a fluoride rinse to help prevent cavities

However, if your oral exam indicates that advanced gum disease has set in or you have a significant risk of tooth loss, you’ll be advised to get deep teeth cleaning services, also known as scaling and planing. This type of dental cleaning includes removing bacteria below the gumline.

No matter which teeth cleaning service is right for you, you’ll receive attentive care from experienced dental professionals in a welcoming environment when you visit Lakota Dental, only a short drive away for patients from Romeoville. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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