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Is It Time to See a Dentist About Your TMJ Symptoms?

If you’ve been dealing with facial pain and swelling or wondering about the clicking sound you hear when you open and close your mouth, you might have a condition known as TMJ. This acronym refers to the temporomandibular joints that are part of your jaw and located on either side of your face. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to eat, talk, sing, or yawn. But when they don’t work properly, they can cause a lot of problems, including:

• Head, face, jaw, or neck pain
• Soreness around your ears and possibly tinnitus and dizziness
• Difficulty opening and closing your mouth

What’s more, postponing TMJ treatment can lead to additional problems, such as sleep disorders and chronic headaches.

If you’ve been experiencing TMJ symptoms and you’d like to get an expert diagnosis and treatment from an experienced TMJ dentist in the Oswego, Illinois, area, turn to Lakota Dental.

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Why Choose Lakota Dental for TMJ Treatment?

Dr. Mike Lakota at Lakota Dental has been treating patients for TMJ disorders—also known as TMDs—for over 15 years. He has developed a proven system for accurately diagnosing and treating craniofacial pain without surgery. Moreover, he and his well-qualified team don’t simply treat a patient’s TMJ symptoms. They use technological advances to identify and treat the underlying cause of those symptoms so their patients can enjoy lasting relief.

If you’d like to consult with a TMJ dentist who has helped numerous patients find relief from their painful TMD symptoms, contact Lakota Dental today to make an appointment with Dr. Lakota. We welcome patients from Oswego and other nearby communities.

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