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Keep Your Smile Intact With Regular Professional Dental Cleanings

When you were growing up, your parents probably told you to brush your teeth each morning and night to prevent cavities. This is good advice, but it’s only step one in an effective strategy for maintaining excellent oral health. People also need professional teeth cleanings once or twice a year, starting at age 2 or 3.

Lakota Dental offers the full spectrum of family dentistry services, including both regular and deep dental cleaning services. We welcome patients from Oswego, Illinois, only a short drive away from our clinic. If you’re looking for a dental clinic that’s staffed by friendly and highly qualified professionals and outfitted with the latest dental equipment to ensure your comfort, you won’t find a better one than ours.

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A Variety of Teeth Cleaning Services Available

For most patients, a routine tooth cleaning—also known as a prophylaxis treatment—is all that’s needed every six months to a year. As the name implies, this type of dental cleaning is intended to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Although the details of a prophylaxis cleaning can vary according to the patient, it generally consists of:

  • An oral exam to screen for signs of disease
  • A thorough removal of plaque and tartar buildup using specialized tools
  • Teeth polishing to remove stains
  • Fluoride treatment to help prevent cavities

Deep dental cleanings, also called scaling and planning, may be required for patients with advanced gum disease or a significant risk of tooth loss. Unlike routine preventative teeth cleanings, a deep cleaning includes removing bacteria below the gumline.

Contact Lakota Dental today if you’d like more information about the teeth cleaning and other dental services we provide for patients from the Oswego area. Or simply reach out to schedule an appointment, and we’ll be delighted to welcome you to our dental clinic.

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