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Don’t Ignore Cracked or Missing Teeth

If you have a cracked or missing tooth that’s inconspicuous and not causing discomfort, you may be tempted to ignore it. But don’t put off dental treatment too long. A cracked or broken tooth provides a pathway for bacteria to infiltrate all the way to the pulp and cause an infection, and the damage can spread to the neighboring teeth and even the underlying bone. A missing tooth can also cause problems because, over time, adjacent teeth will shift to fill the gap, which typically leads to alignment issues.

Fortunately for those in the Morris, Illinois, area, nearby Lakota Dental offers high-quality crowns and bridges as well as other dental appliances and prosthetics as part of our restorative dentistry services. We recognize that crowns and bridges are investments that our patients make in their oral health, so our dental appliances are made to last. Beyond that, though, we strive to deliver the best patient experience possible, and we’ve invested in the latest technology to add comfort and convenience to the restorative dentistry process.

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Offering Both Same-Day and Traditional Crowns

One of the ways we prioritize convenience is by offering CEREC® same-day crowns, also known as one-visit crowns. In many cases, we can use specialized, on-site equipment to take impressions and fabricate high-quality ceramic crowns that deliver the perfect fit, all during a patient’s first visit. Our patients often find the CEREC same-day crown process preferable to the traditional method of protecting the damaged tooth with a temporary crown while the permanent crown is crafted in a lab. The traditional method not only takes weeks but requires the patient to come back for the permanent crown fitting.

Another way we prioritize patient comfort is with the intraoral scanning equipment we use to create digital 3D images that guide the production of customized crowns and bridges—a better method than using messy putty to form tooth impressions.

For more information about the crowns, bridges, dentures, and other restorative dental services available at Lakota Dental near Morris, contact us today.

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