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When to See a Dentist for TMJ Treatment

The term “temporomandibular joint” is a real mouthful, so there’s no wonder that problems with this joint in the jaw are typically referred to as TMJ. Medical professionals also refer to painful TMJ conditions as TMD, or temporomandibular disorders. A trained and experienced TMJ dentist can diagnose and treat TMJ disorders, which can interfere with critical everyday movements like chewing your food and talking.

If you’re in the Joliet, Illinois, area, you can feel confident seeking TMD treatment at Lakota Dental, located only a few miles away. Dr. Mike Lakota has over 25 years’ experience in family dentistry, and he has logged more than 500 hours of continuing education so that he can stay up to date on the latest practices for treatment of TMD and other dental health conditions. Lakota Dental is also equipped with the latest technology to help our team diagnose TMJ disorders and provide effective, nonsurgical treatment.


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What Are Some Common TMJ Symptoms?

It’s not always clear what causes TMJ problems, but you face a greater risk if you clench your jaw or grind your teeth under stress, receive a blow to your jaw during an accident, or have a misaligned bite. Some common TMJ symptoms include:

• Head, face, jaw, or neck pain
• Facial swelling
• Soreness around your ears and possibly tinnitus and dizziness
• Difficulty opening and closing your mouth
• Popping or clicking sounds when your jaw moves up and down

Lakota Dental is proud to be a reliable source of TMJ dentistry for families in the Joliet area. If you or your child is experiencing TMJ symptoms, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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