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The magic is in the mold

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Custom-Fitted, Clear Aligner Trays May Be the Ideal Way to Straighten Your Teeth

At Lakota Dental, we love to see our patients smile! But many people feel self-conscious about smiling because they have crooked teeth, a wide gap between teeth, or a noticeable overbite. For many years, wearing a mouthful of conspicuous brackets and wires was the only way to straighten teeth and eliminate those problems. Fortunately, today’s dental patients have a practically invisible alternative to braces: Invisalign®.

Invisalign treatment uses a series of clear aligner trays, custom-molded to fit each patient’s teeth, to gradually shift teeth into the proper alignment. Lakota Dental is pleased to provide this revolutionary teeth-straightening system for teens and adults from the Channahon, Illinois, area.

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Get Benefits Beyond Invisibility With Our Convenient Alternative to Braces

Patients typically choose to better their smiles with Invisalign because they can do so without displaying rows of hardware whenever they open their mouths. But Invisalign treatments offer additional advantages over traditional braces because:

  • You take them out during meals, which means you don’t have to give up chewing gum and popcorn.
  • Brushing and flossing are easier with removable aligner trays.
  • You’re likely to find Invisalign trays more comfortable to wear.

However, all these benefits and the overall effectiveness of invisible braces depend on the skill of the dentist who delivers the treatment. At Lakota Dental, Dr. Mike Lakota is an accomplished Invisalign dentist who has spent many years helping patients improve their smiles. Our clinic is also equipped to offer digital 3D scans that eliminate the need for traditional bite impressions using messy putty.

The best way to find out whether our invisible alternative to braces is right for you is to schedule a visit to our dental clinic only a short drive away from Channahon. Contact Lakota Dental today to set it up.

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